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An Original Best
doll cleaning, True Blue, doll cleaner, Tru-Bleu, antique dolls, composition doll, vintage dolls, doll restoration repair, doll collector, doll products, Shirley Temple doll, American Girl doll, Madame Alexander, toys, toy supplies, Glass WaxTru-Bleu Doll Cleaner was developed and tested over a period of 10 years, then introduced to the  consumer markets in 2005. With the collaborated efforts of  professional doll restorers & seasoned collectors,  Tru-Bleu ultimately earned the confidence of  perfection. Based on unique trials & the individual standards from some of the toughest critics in the restoration field of childhood collectibles, Tru-Bleu was deemed "An Original Best, " above all similar advertised cleaning products.

What makes Tru-Bleu so original, & why is it the best?
Tru-Bleu is not only an effective & safe concentrated cleaner -- It also preserves & restores various types of surfaces to their authentic best, yet current condition. Additionally, it offers a guarantee to achieve professional results, without altering the originality, sentimental, or monetary value, of a keepsake. That is why Tru-Bleu is considered an original & the best cleaner on the market today.

We are only the custodians of life's abandoned treasures,
And their legacy depends on the tools of the curator!

The Tru-Bleu experience goes beyond the mere purchase of a quality cleaning product. We provide an individual focus on customer service, with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

  • Ask about our  doll cleaning seminars for clubs & collector groups.

No Mess!

Safe & Easy to Use!

A Lil' Dab'll do It!

Tru-Bleu Doll Sales & Services is owned & operated by JonDeb Enterprises,
the exclusive manufacturer & distributor of this unique cleaning product.
Made in USA.

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